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NOTE: To Avoid Crashing in Visual Studio, Please disable the Visual Studio Hosting Process under the Debug Tab in your Project Properties.

  • Easily Map Keys To Application Functions
  • Fast And Responsive Interface
  • Premade Customizable GUI (With Included Automatic Key Mapping)
  • Live Preview of Key Down/Up States as you type
  • Low Level Keyboard Hook Functions
  • Full Keyboard Support (Also F13-F19 Keys)
  • Bind any Key to Any Public Method
  • Disable/Enable any key on the keyboard
  • Dynamic GUI Display
  • And much more!
GUI Interface References
  • Right Click – View Details
  • Left Click – Key Down
  • Control + Right Arrow – Show Numpad
  • Control + Left Arrow – Hide Numpad

There Are Multiple Ways to use this Library.

  1. The GUI – Use the Premade Keyboard as a Control in Your Project. (This is Fully Managed unless Otherwise Specified)
  2. The GUI – Use the GUI as a Host for your Application. (This Allows you to choose a custom Layout and Configuration)
  3. Use the Class as an Object to create Hotkeys. (Use the Events inside the Class to make your own Hotkey System)
Getting Started

First of all, Add the DLL to your Toolbox.

Click Browse and Select the “Zytonic Hotkeys.dll” File.

For more information Please Go to the Downloads Section for Example Projects.

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